Are you being reimbursed for ALL COVID-related expenses?

Did you get ALL of the disaster relief funds available to you?

Are you compliant with the grants you have?

Are you capturing all relevant expenses? How do you know?

Does every member of your organization have an easy process to help you comply?

Helping you weather the storm.


DWA has partnered with Landmark Consulting, a program management consulting firm who specializing in disaster recovery programs.

We manage from emergency through closeout and audit, and are in tuned with how important grant compliance is to a successful financial recovery. We obtain and maintain all the grant dollars due to our clients including reimbursement for our services.




  • COVID-19 Portfolio includes multiple sources of federal funding

  • Transparency via dashboard reporting

  • Grant lifecycle has been mapped and includes OIG Frequent Audit Findings

  • Track progress online


  • Rate of return- 90-95%

  • Strategic approach to Financial Recovery

  • Funding Strategy

  • Centralize COVID-19
    sources and uses


  • Funding can be used to provide temporary staff

  • EOC Procurement Contracting

  • Accounts payable


  • Expertise -
    guide through process

    -  Trained by FEMA
    -  Resolve complex grants
    for large clients


  • Requirements
    - Eligibility
    - Documentation


  • Policy research
    - Policy is evolving, we keep up with changes so you can focus on people


  • Compliance Audit
    - Use lessons learned from OIG Frequent Audit Findings


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) PublicAssistance (PA) program

 FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) 404 and 406

Federal Transportation Agency (FTA)

Federal Aviation Agency (FAA)

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

We've combined forces with Landmark Consulting to provide a technical knowledge-base of large-scale programs and disaster funding requirements.

With the client’s need to recover quickly a constant priority, we offer Landmark's Compliance Assurance Program (CAP), a proprietary system of managing and controlling the use of public funds, which ensures the disaster program has the cash flow it needs to deliver services and recover costs on time. 

This framework ensures the compliance requirements are met and your organization passes the the final audit. 

Our team of consultants and industry leading professionals has experience and expertise with applying for, administering and managing pertinent federal programs.

WE HAVE A 90-95%


  • Coordinating activities across state and local agencies.

  • Working with governors to prepare emergency and/or disaster declaration requests; Ensuring state resources remain in a state of preparedness to assist local governments.

  • Augmenting ongoing disaster preparations, responses, and recoveries for other events; Increasing coordination with Public Health and K-12 partners.

  •  Conducting more inter-agency training and exercise opportunities across governments

  • Enhancing strategic communications and public outreach to educate the general public on mitigation and preparedness strategies.

  •  Strengthening public health incident management and emergency operations coordination to enable jurisdictions to provide response support that exceeds normal capacity:

  • Strengthening community recovery and resilience.

  • Planning for Shelter in Place for voluntary and involuntary populace and potential social spread.

  • Identifying mass care support for shelters and operations should the need arise.

  • Planning for meal prep and delivery for population that have needs for food, supplies, hygiene, crisis counseling, laundry, unemployment, and health and human services support.

  • Planning for distribution network and logistics’ support plans for statewide critical materials needed to support the response.

  • Activating statewide Joint Information Centers as the single point of contact for public messaging and information sharing.

  • Activating contracts and support for commodities and materials needed to support local and state personnel and first responders for PPE, and other required equipment.

  • EOC activation

  • Personnel overtime in accordance with your agencies' pay policy, emergency supplies, and contractor costs (e.g., decontamination) related to incident preparedness

  • Protective measures, and response, in this case in support of public health response.

  •  FEMA is considering whether additional operational costs associated with telework would be an eligible cost

Because Public Assistance is a reimbursement-based program, we makew sure you keep records of personnel time (e.g., payroll records) and materials and supplies purchases (and any other expenses you think you might claim). Landmark makes sure procurement for contract support and supplies complies with your procurement policies as well as the requirements of federal regulations in 2 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 200.

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